Welcome the S.I.K. Community for Child Abuse Survivors
Train Wreck Is embarking on a campaign for community improvement...starting with my own and spreading as far as possible. First, let me gather some peeps. Since I believe that child abuse is the base cause for so much damage in our world, I want all abuse survivors and victims to join me in a quest. This quest is for the betterment of our lives. If our lives are better, we can support, help and or nurture the world around us. We have to start with us. So if you are a survivor or victim...come on down. THIS INCLUDES NOT ONLY CHILD ABUSE SURVIVORS...if you were raped, abused in the military, raped in jail or otherwise screwed up by someone who abused their power over you...you can be part of something powerful. Conservative estimates number of CHILD ABUSE survivors/victims at over 50 million adults in the United States. Enough people to elect nearly every government official and support the businesses that are helpful to us and our communities...

WHO IS WITH ME???!!!....

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Treatment for Child Abuse Victims/Survivors - Details on Project Page

The plan calls for inpatient  treatment lasting 4-12 weeks. Not common rehab style. Lots of one on one therapy, writing & art assignments with super cool group support. Then a few months at a converted hotel/motel near a restaurant owned by SIK to provide meals for recoverers. Jobs for the unemployed. Help saving money to build the new life on their own...and more. In short, everything you need to have a new life to go with the new individual. See more on the  Project Page

Social Ill Kill is not a 501(3)c charity...yet. Join us in the dream to make this a reality.
If we can't be a fully recognized charity which can accept tax deductible donations...then maybe we should start a church...
the SIK Church of Heavy Metal
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