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This is where we will rant and rave. Dis and discuss and point out the failings of society , government, business, school systems and any number of jerk offs giving us stress.
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Healthcare Reform or Lack of it

I have so much to say on this subject. Since I plan to campaign for President, details will get deeper. Basically, our politicians seem to have some kinda tunnel-vision mentally arthritic cluster f**k process going. I'll deal with all that later.

Ok, it should be apparent that what we need is something the voters can roast our government caregivers over annually. Here is what I propose: since by all estimates, a huge bureaucracy to administrate even the simplest form of healthcare reform is unavoidable, let's establish an administration similar to the FDA and the SEC, only functional. Make it administrate a two tiered system (1) where there is a public option for all who want it and (2) a private system for those who can or want to afford it (basically for the affluent). And for those of you that say "We can't afford it", you don't have a choice. Those of us who don't have insurance will soak ya dry in the emergency rooms where there is no brutally efficient preventive medicine program. You will be paying for it the same way that you pay for garbage collection. And one more thing: can we afford to watch our nation to lose any more confidence in itself by watching us make health care a money issue. Did we forget that we are Americans, not Americants.

If we can send people to the moon then return a few decades later to blow holes in it to look for water, then we can f**king figure this out. Oh yeah, and one last thing: we are so afraid of being socialists...well you're a little late folks. As soon as we made it law to have public schools and make grade school education mandatory with minor civil and criminal penalties attached, we started our first, but not last socialist program. i.e. Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps, etc. People, please get a grip. Are you still afraid of the boogie man. Just hit' em with a couple of RPG's and duck! Read the U.S. Constitution; we are a democratic republic. Why can't we be hybrids. We let the Japanese cram hybrid cars down our throats. Why don't we crap out some "hybrid intelligence" and...oh, I don't know, allow ourselves to marry "free enterprise" with some social responsibility.

Thats all for now,
Train Wreck

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U.S. War in Afghanistan

I thought I was done with my rants today. As I was relaxing for few minutes after my healthcare overview rant, Francine began to grill me over my views of the War in Afghanistan . She wasn't going to let me get away without taking a position. Realizing that she was echoing what was on the minds of all Americans. I knew that I must take a position immediately. So I dropped my pants and settled down onto the toilet to take my position. She interrupted me in the middle of explaining my position and said "I would rather read about it in the blog I hope you are doing when you finish there".
Of course, I agreed. Here's an overview of my position on the War in Afghanistan. Simplified, we are trying to protect our country by keeping the violence on foreign soil. After eight years the government has concluded that we need to establish a clear picture of what a victory in Afghanistan will look like. Whhaaattt!!!??!!!? (Train falls off chair.)
If developing a clear goal for victory is the answer after eights years of stressing our military to the max, then what's the question? Didn't the comedy team of Bush & Cheney leave notes? Did President Obama serve in Congress unawares? This is a crazy place to even start. Let's pretend that we have been going about this all wrong and took a FUBAR situation and really messed it up. Well now, what would be the first step? (Train paces the floor stroking...his gorgeous hair) Imagine me snapping my finger as I say "ah ha!". Train says "we learn the enemy's weakness and detect their strengths". Alright, enough theatrical crappola. The number of  components have multiplied redorkulously.

Redorkulous Factors:
In past years, the country of Afghanistan has enjoyed Communist Russian occupation, a civil war that was too brutal even for the Afghans and an eight year visit from the U.S. military. The land is mostly desert, but seems to grow opium poppies aplenty. The annual 65 billion dollar opium trade funds the insurgency. The opium trade would be bigger except we are making war on drugs as well. Given our glowing success there, maybe we should make drugs on war instead. Legalization of opium would be drastic and would make the poppy crop nearly worthless. Now the Afghans have a society in ruins due to widespread drug addiction and generations of bloody conflict. I don't think creative new methods of continued bloodshed is the answer.

Insurgency Strength:
The Taliban and others are more or less locals. They understand the people and the terrain. The population is overwhelmingly poor and under employed when not unemployed. Taliban tactics include stealing the elements of livelihood from the people. i.e. livestock, tools and farm implements, etc. The Taliban withholds food to gain support. All this happens when our troops are not around. In short, the people need food, shelter, jobs and protection. The children want an education. The Taliban sponsors schools or madrasahs where food, shelter and education is provided. Taliban recruitment bonus plan: three squares and a roof. Holy crap! That's all? WTF! Let me get this straight. We can manage an aggressive long-term campaign against embedded fighters, but can't protect the population while they go to work and feed their families. Okay, moving on.

Insurgency Weakness:
Here's the biggie: I think we can top the Talibutts current recruitment boneus. Wanna hear the plan? I thought you would.

The Plan: (Overview)
It is important to express my support for the troops in Afghanistan and their continued courage. Thanks guys. After some study, a possible realignment of assets may bring long term solutions. It will be some time before the Afghani police can handle security. The population will have to undergo some fundamental changes first. Many local farmers depend on their water buffaloes to work as the major farm equipment aka tractors. This has been the norm for thousands of years. These animals seem to be common casualties of the war.
Problem: A defended infrastructure and economic engine is missing. I propose (1) a program that establishes a number of economic and agricultural development zones. (2) These zones should be centered in higher populated areas and include the immediate surrounding farming areas. (3) Our military strength should be coordinated around these areas to as to afford the type protection that would make investment in equipment feasible and expandable. (4) Outer area patrols should be arranged to provide a buffer against robbery efforts of the Taliban. (5) Inside these development zones upgrade infrastructure, facilities and agriculture. Water buffaloes are not tractors. Tractors are tractors. Modern food production is critical. Let's get these people eating better. The Taliban tempts them with food stolen from them. We can tempt them with better food. (6) We hire some of our Western companies to administrate economic and agricultural development and modernize their economy. (7) Programs to modernize Afghani economics and agriculture must be tailored to the geography and the local culture. (8) Sponsor schools, religious and secular while securing food and shelter for students. (9) Make sure local businesses are fanatically defended by putting in some fast food restaurants, 7-11 stores and Quickie Marts and having Allied forces guarding them at all times. (10) Relegate Taliban fighters to the most barren desert areas as possible.

In summary, deny insurgents access to highly populated economic and agricultural zones and young recruits by giving them something better to work for while fiercely defending all investments in people and assets. Whew, what a run on sentence. These are broad strokes and for a resonable fee, I wil be happy to work out the details. Maybe the President could send the troop surge for this purpose. I'll help. Send me over there to open some Goth Fetish Clubs so they can get their freak on after a hard day milking the yak. Peace, I'm out. -Train Wreck

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