Our Mission
We call this site SOCIAL ILL KILL  or S.I.K. or just SIK
I believe that child abuse is the root cause of all of society's ills. We want to kill it. Child abuse and homelessness are cancers of society. A cure is needed!

Join me as I use my entertainment career to raise funds through concerts, public appearances, etc. for programs, charities and government lobbying for the general population. The S.I.K. goal is for some major companies be started that have corporate charters providing for at least one half of all profits to be used for therapy, housing, job training and job placement for those that receive treatment. The cost will be enormous, so the effort must be enormous and continuous. The first two industries are proposed: 1. trash recycling and 2. paper and fabric made from legally grown hemp fiber. Both enterprises will heal the people and the land.

Some targets for help: low income children, all children, teenagers, former gang members, survivors of abuse, veterans, homeless people, low income families, families, people without health insurance and more...

Accountability for leaders, individuals, and groups is a must. We are all stewards of the community...some good, some bad, many in degrees. Let's become good stewards and caretakers and put the "Unity" back in the community!

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