Social Ill Kill aka S.I.K. is a community of Child Abuse Survivors and supporters. 
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Big news:
November 8, 2009
Train Wreck is initiating a Presidential Campaign Project for the Presidential Election in 2012. According to some experts, the world is scheduled to end on my birthday, 4 days before Christmas in 2012. My project and subsequent race will be on Myspace TV and YouTube.

If the World is going to end, shouldn't a Train Wreck preside?

Okay, this is funny stuff. There are serious things going on here. I need everyone to help. The first things won't even cost you money (like you have a problem giving money for child abuse victims).

1.  If you want Train Wreck's Presidential Campaign to be the subject of reality TV, and we know you do, send email messages demanding that it starts on Youtube and then goes to cable. Advertising dollars will be the first way we fund treatment programs. We also have great T-Shirts.

Last night, I watched a show on E! documenting the kidnap of two teenage female cousins by a pimp in Toledo, Ohio. (visit were forced into prostitution. One of the girls was rescued as she and her cousin were being shipped far from home. The pimp escaped with her cousin and returned to Toledo. Terrified, their girls father got the location where she was being held. He sat in his car outside the house and called 911 repeatedly while being told that the emergency was on low priority. The police only arrived after the father broke into the house and his daughter was thrown out of a second story window. Over 90 minutes passed after the first call. What if you personally knew these girls. What if they were your daughters. Can this family afford the true cost of rebuilding their shattered lives?
GET those emails coming. I'm donating most of my income to this cause.

2. Please visit and leave a comment encouraging child abuse survivors to heal and be strong. Sometimes your small comments can mean so much to an injured person that is about to give up. I'm crying while writing this. Show me that my tears are not in vain.
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Treatment for Child Abuse Victims/Survivors - Details on Project Page

The plan calls for in patient  treatment lasting 4-12 weeks. Not common rehab style. Lots of one on one therapy, writing & art assignment super cool groups. Then a few months at a converted hotel/motel near a restaurant owned by SIK to provide meals for recoverers. Jobs for the unemployed. Help saving money to build the new life on their own...and more. In short, everything you need to have a new life to go with the new individual. See more on the  Project Page

SIK Status
Social Ill Kill is not a 501(3)c charity...yet. Join us in the dream to make this a reality.
If we can't be a fully recognized charity which can accept tax deductible donations...then maybe we should start a church...
the SIK Church of Heavy Metal
This is all for now. Thank you and God Bless.

Train Wreck
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