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Social Ill Kill Projects
On this page, SIK details projected programs designed to raise money to pay the enormous cost of rebuilding lives shattered by abuse & suffering. Many of these programs come in the form of businesses. Simple philosophy: give a person a fish and they eat for a day, teach a person to fish and they eat everyday. SIK will go it one better: give each person a fishing pole and teach them to use it, then help them manage fishing resources.
The money from renewable funding (aka businesses) serves many purposes: 1. they provide funding for treatment, 2. relieve the community of financial burdens, 3. create jobs. As you read about projected businesses or projects, find one or more that you like, and support it's formation. We envision making as many earth friendly programs as possible. Heal the people, heal the land.
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2. Project for legalized Industrial Hemp production in The U.S. -
No we aren't concerned with Medical Marijuanna. You can't smoke Industrial Hemp. It doesn't get you high. We just want to make paper, (without trees) clothing (higher grade fiber that cotton), and jobs.

3. Hemp Based Clothing Line - This is obvious.

4. Land Based Seafood Farming -

5. Southern California Desalinization Plant - We propose to have a small municipal trash recycling facility, like one in Georgia, produce methane to operate the plant.

6. Internet TV Shows - Utilizing the talent base, Francine and Train Wreck with a broad cast of serious and zany player wish to produce internet TV shows for your entertainment and edification.
7. Projected SIK Treatment for Child Abuse Survivors

The plan calls for in patient  treatment lasting 4-12 weeks. Not common rehab style. Lots of one on one therapy, writing & art assignment, super cool groups. Then a few months at a converted hotel/motel near a restaurant owned by SIK to provide meals for recoverers. Jobs for the unemployed. Help saving money to build the new life on their own...and more. In short, everything you need to have a new life to go with the new individual.


1. Promotions Company - This one is going to be such fun. Let's start with a Presidential Campaign project to elect Train Wreck in 2012. A big feature of this project/campaign will political rallies that will be set in rock concerts. Of course they will feature Train Wreck doing his Ozzy Osbourne impersonation and musical guests and...who knows. Advertising will sold that will produce funding for abuse trauma treatment. Real research will also be part of the campaign. Make no mistake this will public service based political activism. Links to detailed online documents are following soon.
Imagine that you're suffering prolonged trauma caused by abuse/neglect as a child. You can barely hold a job and manage your bills. Maybe you can't. Personal relationships are filled with stress and drama. They almost never work out.
Ordinary events often make you panicked or disoriented. Just going to the grocery store, doing the dishes or even laundry can send you into a tailspin. Sounds like PTSD, doesn't it? It acts like it, too. Imagine that your life is like a nightmare that you never really wake up from.

Now, imagine you find a group with a program that pays for your healing. Even health care and job training and placement for those needing it. This group would give you in patient treatment for 4-12 weeks with as many as 12 professionals assisting with every aspect of the challenges that you face. Multiple one on one sessions five or six days a week. The coolest groups support ever. Advanced patients supporting newbies. Daily writing and art assignments to help you find comfort in sharing individualized expression. Available physical fitness training. And more.

After graduation, you find yourself living in a converted hotel/motel near a SIK owned restaurant. Your SIK ID gets you three meals a day at no cost. If you don't have a job, we place you in one. We project that most stays at our cool half way facility will be at least 6 months. You may need the comaraderie of other recoverers for that long. You may need medical and dental treatment. We can't send you out into the World with a repaired mind and a broken body. While you stay with us, you would have the option of financial management training and assistence to help you save for a home, car, etc. Imagine this same group owned a used car lot that carefully provided dependable cars for recoverers. Graduates will leave as indepenent healthy people. Imagine that the members of this group were Child Abuse Survivors, friends of Survivors, family of survivors and other people who care. It's our contributions of time money and materials helping you reclaim your life. You might call a group like that a community. The SIK Community.

The few months spent in the graduating programs isn't the end of healing, but the beginning. We won't do it for you. We will give you the tools and guidance to do it for yourself. Out patient treatment during this extended stay would cement the holistic wellness that will carry you through the rest of your life.

TRain Wreck for Texas House 2014
Many of you are asking how to make sure that "Train Wreck for President 2012" makes it to reality TV. Under the video will be an email form for you to fill out demanding a reality show for the campaign. These emails will be sent to producers and interested advertisers. If you wish to use the email address directly it is:
8. Group Support & Forums has 2 simple chat rooms: (1) Support Chat on the SIK Chat page and (2) a chat room on the Community page.

We are anticipating having capability for members to have password protected profiles, chats and forums. It seems that a number of you would like to get something on Facebook or Myspace for support group activity. SIK will pursue that during the coming week.

It is our goal to have something to use for Survivor Support Contact. Suggestions are welcome. Some assistance would be great.
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