You may know me as Train Wreck. I am an Ozzy Osbourne impersonator out Hollywood. I have been in Hot Springs, Arkansas recently where I have been consumed with helping my partner, Mistress Francine recover from the most egregious child abuse trauma. Those of you that know us from Los Angeles may have seen us perform Through 2008 and early 2009 at Club Hell in Hollywood. We are very popular in the fetish community. In 2008, our performances and public appearances led to us getting a variety of entertainment opportunities. This was the beginning of the best of times. We thought. You know how entertainment stars become famous and then fall apart…dealing with demons from their past. That’s what happened to Francine…except she was almost famous. Mistress Francine is a professional dominatrix…the increased activity in her life caused traumatic memories and flashbacks to surface. Her heroin junky parents had begun prostituting her to pedophiles when she was only 2 ½ years old. It all just became too much when we moved back into her old neighbor hood in North Hollywood. We had no idea at the time…that the old neighborhood would trigger flashbacks. We got her out of Los Angeles for awhile…

Read more about it in the blog “Francine Falls Together”. May God or your Higher Power Bless –Train Wreck

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A physical fitness enthusiast, Mr. Squirrel has agreed to work as my PA until suitable staff has joined us here at SIK. Mr. Squirrel is uniquiley qualified to assist a nut job like me.
Train Wreck
Senior Staff Writer
Mr. Squirrel-
PA & Motivational Speaker
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Service Dogs and an Old Marine
by Train Wreck

He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1967 and went to Viet Nam to serve on a tank crew. Eventually became a tank commander and retired in 1994 as a Chief Warrant Officer. He is a hero to me. Now he serves the community as Government Advisor for SIK.
He suffers with PTSD. For years he has kept a dog for companionship and friendship. Sometimes the dogs his lifeline to the physical world that he lives in. Ron only takes rescue dogs. So he becomes their lifeline to the world. Ron has believed for some time that pets and especially dogs can improve the lives of vets. Now psychological studies are backing him up. His belief in healing powers of furry friends, he volunteered for 3 years to go to Veterans Hospitals with friendly beagle, Francis Pepper. Francis is gone now, but Ron hasn't lost his desire to aid his fellows in arms. He works with Dr. Bob to lobby for implementation of the enabling legislation guaranteeing service dogs to veterans requesting them. The bureaucratic snarl threatens to slow him down. Ron's Veterans Administration Healthcare Representative hadn't heard of the provision in H.R. 2792:
Disabled Veterans Service Dog and Health Care Improvement Act of 2001

He gave his representative the title of the law and she looked it up on her computer. Ron was informed that since no one was asking for the service that they had no way of making proper arrangements to carry it out. Other than that, his representative said "I don't see a problem". That was a fine "piece" of bureaucrat speak in my opinion. When Ron told me what had transpired, I asked him "if you asked for it then doesn't that mean it has now been rquested?" He answered "yes it does".
Let each one of us that knows a veteran that suffers from PTSD and needs a service dog make them aware of this law and assist them in any way we can to stimulate the Veterans Administration to move on this program now!

I want to invite, no implore and beg if necessary that all of you email, call or write your congress men and women to push for immediate implementaion of this program. The VA just got it's biggest budget ever. Now is the time!

More to come as I finish research, but you get the what are you waiting for? Do something!
Ron Plusch
Government Advisor
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